The Shark’s View Mission

I am a terrible liar and I can’t fake enthusiasm! This is why I am only writing about what I know – about the destinations, places and experiences I truly enjoy and believe in. In the end this is The Sharks View blog, so I can only get you excited for what I believe is a great experience. Otherwise we might just call it “Peter’s/John’s or Judy’s View”. At this stage I have travelled to about 50 countries and I am far from an expert on even half of them. Therefore, let’s stick to the areas I know, have lived and worked in – Southern Africa, Asia and Australia.

Shark’s View Favourites

Before you commit following “The Sharks View” let’s have a look at what I would define as a great time on the road. If you agree with at least some of the below you came to the right place! 

– Road Trips! I love driving and I don’t care what I drive as long as it has four wheels. Campervan holidays inAustralia, 4×4 trips in Africa or riding around Italy in a small car – this all sounds like heaven to me. I think having your own vehicle is the best way to explore a new country. It enables you to see things you might miss otherwise plus it gives you the freedom to be the captain of your own destiny. Don’t let driving in a foreigncountry scare you, it really isn’t as complicated as it seems. Just follow the other drivers.  

– Walking/hiking/cycling– Those three activities rank high of my favourite-things-to-do-while-travelling list. That doesn’t mean super intense exercise, but for city trips I always feel you really only get to know the lay of the land by walking it. Some destinations are made to explore by bicycle – often simple old bikes, but hey – you are not there to ride the tour de France. Some places you just need to hike to see them properly. You wouldn’t go to the Alps and not go hiking, right? Plenty of great hiking in South Africa and Australia and you can always only do as much as you feel comfortable with! It’s not a competition, no one is watching! 

– A nice view with a drink – I believe this is the must-do for any good travel experience. That doesn’t mean to drink yourself into oblivion every day, but to take time and enjoy a great view with your favourite drink. And you will find this everywhere. It can be a rooftop bar with great views, it can be the veranda of your accommodation, ideally a body of water to look out from or a winery with sweeping vistas over the country. The possibilities are endless and even the dullest place will have a corner with a half-decent view and a beverage to your liking

– Boats of any sort get me excited! A 2-hour river cruise? I am game. A 5-day sailing trip? Where can I book my ticket? A sunset cruise with free champagne included ? I’ll have two, please!

– Unique local experiences– Now this is a tricky one. Firstly, this could mean a lot of things and secondly, it’s very trendy right now so there are many projects and communities popping up promising to show you how the real people live. If you find a good community project – be it a cooking class, a cycle to a local village where you meet the people, a social project that uplifts the community or certain parts of it – these experiences are some of the best to have. Unfortunately there a plenty that have the wrong idea or leave you feeling as an intruder, therefore these experiences need to be chosen wisely. 

Shark’s View preferred travel style

When planning to travel usually the biggest issue is either time or money. Or both. I know the dilemma all too well. 

TIME– I do believe that less is more as it comes to your travel itinerary. Step away from packing too many destinations, too many experiences in the time you have to travel. Don’t try keeping up with the Joneses. Who cares if you have seen ALL of Thailand in 7 days?! You come back more exhausted than before and you won’t get a chance to properly experience the place you were dying to visit. I think if COVID times have taught us anything, it is to slow down. Pick a destination, pick a country and really explore it instead of rushing from highlight to highlight, not really seeing anything around it. Slow down, spend a couple of nights in one place. You don’t need every second to be planned and busy. Use the time to set off by yourself and experience the unexpected. These are always the experiences that make the best memories. 

MONEY – Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, that is very true. There are many bloggers, vloggers and other travel experts who will be able to give you the best tips on how to travel with the least money. That’s not me. I believe to rather travel less or shorter but make it a worthwhile experience instead of having to pinch money at every corner. There should be a good balance between inexpensive, maybe a bit rustic accommodation and the big treat-yourself moments. 
Firstly, some of the less expensive, good mid-range accommodation options are often the ones where you connect to the host or you find like-minded travellers in an easy-going, more communal environment. These are the times where you really connect to a place and come home with the best memories.
Secondly, if you have stayed a few nights in a nice, but simple accommodation, how good does it feel to treat yourself to a really nice hotel or tented camp or a spa experience? Sometimes you need to remind yourself how lucky you are that you can afford the special accommodation or experience. 
Lastly, if you save a bit of money on accommodation here and there, the more special experiences and treat-yourself moments you can add to your itinerary without breaking the bank. Save money where it doesn’t matter and use it for the once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  

If these few general believes speak to you I am sure following this blog is right for you. I am looking forward going on the journey with you!